One of the coolest things happened at May’s Art Crawl. Julie from J.H. Gordon books (my fav little book store in the city) bought an original painting to hang in her store!! 

I can’t wait to go see this little darling hanging up… And buy books. Let’s be, honest.

Some other florals I’ve been working on:

Recently I’ve been asked to paint my brother in laws wedding thank you cards so yaaaay all the baby florals!

watercolour abstracts

I’ve been struggling quite a bit lately with my anxiety and panic attacks. It feels so so good to be back to painting and I am SO SO excited to be sharing my art at Art Crawl this coming Friday. If you’re reading this and planning on checking out James St please, please come say hi!


probably our new favourite dinner: chicken and broccoli pasta bake

I’m not even sure you could call this a bake because I didn’t bake it. Hubs told me he wanted a bake with broccoli and chicken and pasta and it had to be creamy and cheesy.

Do you know how many recipes there are on Pinterest for this exact thing? No? There are a lot. Most of them involve rice but it’s pretty easy to substitute.  I ended up settling on this one from Julia’s Album and tweaking it a bit to fit our needs.


You guys. YOU GUYS. Ugh. So good.

As you can see, we substituted fettuccine for fusilli and skipped the bacon but everything else I followed exactly.  Ok maybe not exactly. I tend to have a problem of making too much pasta. If the recipe calls for 2 cups, I just toss some pasta into the water and end up with twice as much as needed. That meant I had to add more cream, cheese, and milk but still. It was tasty and so easy, which basically means it’ll get made a lot. Next time, though, I definitely need to up the broccoli. Especially if I go extra on the pasta. Oopsie.


Don’t be surprised if you come over for dinner and this dish gets made for you.

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on growing up

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, we’ve moved. We’ve moved from our tiny little shoebox apartment to a large 2 bedroom corner unit that gives us an extra window that just won’t quit. The light in here is dreamy. Everything is so bright and spacious and the cats are having a really hard time adjusting to life without carpet. It is hilarious to watch them try to turn corners.

We are starting out almost from scratch with furniture and it feels really good to be picking out intentional purchases together that will make our place a home. We have very different tastes in decor but we are finding ways to make it work. We’re still currently without a dining room table and our mattress is on the floor but we are doing this smartly and we’re doing it together and that’s the important thing. I’m sure most people buy all new furniture when they move out and to them it’s not a big deal but our first place was furnished with the cheapest things we could find and hand-me-downs. There was so cohesive feel to the space. I cannot wait until we have area rugs and shelves and plants and art hanging on the walls. I don’t think I’m ever going to want to leave home.

For reference, this is my dream but I know it’s not going to happen.


from designsponge.com, found on pinterest

The only downside is that there is very little here in terms of light for the evening. During the day it’s fantastic but the bedrooms don’t have overhead lights and the living room is in desperate need of a floor lamp. We’ll get there. I’m almost enjoying this transitional stage of complete minimalism. It won’t last, let’s be real here, but for right now it’s helping me focus on the big picture.

We are still going through and purging the old apartment (I can’t believe how much stuff we have. It’s ridiculous). We were just babies when we moved there. I can’t believe how much has changed in the 5.5 years it’s been since moving down here. I have made some amazing friends and I have lost some people I really wish I hadn’t.  I’ve had some of the biggest challenges with my anxiety and panic and I have learned at the end of the day who is really there for me and just how strong I am.

I know I am not the easiest person to be friends with. I obsess and always go worst case scenario. I’m not even mad anymore that friends have walked away because they couldn’t, or didn’t want to, handle me any longer. You need to know when to say enough is enough and I respect that.  I will always have some mental health struggles but I am learning to be way more open about it. Painting again has really helped with that. I sometimes wonder if the friends who chose to leave came back, would they find it easier to want to be my friend now that I am in a better place and learning to live with my anxiety, rather than trying to fight it? It almost doesn’t matter but I can’t help but wonder.  “What if?” gets me into a lot of trouble.

I guess that’s the beauty of growing up. You need to stumble along the way before you can find your footing. Like purging old closets (or apartments!) you keep only the things that add joy and happiness to your life and let go of those that don’t and you don’t look back. Intentional things and intentional relationships make for such a more full life.

I am so looking forward to 30. I am over my 20s. I am over trying to fit in and find my place. I am over not knowing who I am or what I want to be.  I just want a simple, quiet, life   full of laughter and pyjamas. And donuts.

and we’re back. sort of.

Sorry it’s been a little while. I should be one of those people who have a bunch of blogs in the queue but I am not. Not usually anyway…

We are as settled as we can be until we get some new furniture and I am back in the saddle today with some abstract paintings. May’s Art Crawl is less than a month away so I need to get myself sorted with a bunch of prints… here’s hoping I get everything done in time!

I’m fairly confident my desk is a little lopsided, will need to get the hubs to look into that but in the meantime, here’s a little snippet of life for the past week in the new place!

Basically, we were living in the land of cardboard.


And then winter returned but, hey, we have a balcony now!


Like the good little Irish wife I am, our first home cooked meal was a Shepherd’s Pie. Mmm potatoes.


Oh, and then hubs bought a Treatza Pizza.


I teach an art class and one of the students drew me as a cat teaching that night’s lesson. It’s possibly my favourite picture of me.


The cats are settling in, finally.  Panda loves the new couch.


Ivy still has the wok. Our dresser is still in the box.


Rusty takes nap time very seriously.


I can’t wait until we’re a little bit more settled. We need curtains and an area rug. My books are currently still living in boxes until we get some bookcases. Every day this place feels more and more like home and we are super happy.

Today I’m back at the blues. They’re like an old friend.